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beauty school in kalispell

Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels in your current job? Are you tired of putting in long hours and Herculean effort, only to see raises and recognition go to people that didn't? How would you like to have a career where people constantly thank you for making a difference in their lives, and where you're secure in the knowledge that what you get out of it is what you put into it? At Creviers School Cosmetology, we're more than just a beauty school. We help people of all ages and backgrounds build rewarding and satisfying careers as stylists, manicurists, estheticians or instructors. Call our campus in Kalispell, MT today!

All services are performed by students and supervised by instructors.


make beauty a career

Do people constantly compliment you on your technique with makeup or a curling iron? Are you always chomping at the bit until the next edition of Vogue hits the stands? Turn your style sense into dollars and cents with the help of Creviers School Cosmetology. We provide you with the tools, resources and and training to pass all state licensing requirements, and job placement services to ensure your success in your chosen specialty! 

six decades of success

Creviers School Cosmetology opened its doors in Kalispell, MT in 1958. Trends in beauty have definitely changed a lot since then, but our core principles haven't. We strive to provide each and every student with a beauty school education that goes beyond nail polish and cuticle scissors. We offer hands-on training in the community, plus show you effective communication techniques that help you build a loyal client base, and make more money. 

get started

If you're seriously considering beauty school as a stepping stone to a full-time career, or a fun and exciting side hustle, Creviers School Cosmetology encourages you to browse our course catalog, admission requirements, and tuition information on this site. If money (or lack thereof) is an issue, we offer financial assistance for students who meet certain qualifications. Call or stop by our Kalispell, MT campus today, and get ready for a beautiful tomorrow!

Great staff and students. I can’t wait to start!
— Jenn J., Facebook