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Whether you've lived in Montana all your life, or you live out-of-state and are considering Creviers School Cosmetology to help you establish your career in skincare, cosmetology or manicuring, you won't get very far without knowing how to get here. Below is a map of our location, as well as specific instructions on how to use Google Maps to obtain directions from anywhere in the world. See you in Kalispell!

Our location in Kalispell, Montana

Creviers School Cosmetology is the red pointer on the Map below.

You can view our location in dozens of ways.

Do you need more detail in the map? Look in the bottom right hand corner of the map. Click on the plus sign to zoom in for greater detail.

Do you need to see a broader picture of where we are? Click on the minus sign to see the larger area in which we’re located. In the bottom left corner you’ll see a scale for the map that changes as you decrease or increase the size of the area shown on the map.

Perhaps you’d like to view an area that lies to one side or the other of the map. You can just place your cursor on the map, hold it down, then drag the map in the way that brings up the area you want to see. Pull to the left and more of the right appears; pull to the right, and more of the left appears - just like dragging a map across a table. If you choose this way to drag the map, be sure after placing the cursor on the map not to click down and release, but to click down and hold it down, as you’re moving the map. When you have brought into view the map area you wish to see, then release the click.

You can also click the directions button on the top left of the map to get Google Maps directions from a specific address.

If you need recommendations for nearby hotels, housing, restaurants or other services, please don't hesitate to call our campus in Kalispell, MT!  
"Will gladly travel back from Wisconsin!" - True B., Facebook
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